Qi Design heading to America...

Qi Design founder, Chris Dawson, has recently beaten off over 400 companies in a nationwide competition for one of 20 places on a two week intensive enterprise and business training course at the prestigious Babson College in Boston Massechussetts.

The competition was fiercely competitive and consisted of a preliminary stage followed by an intense assessment weekend, which tested applicants on their knowledge and expertise on the different areas of entrepreneurship such as innovation and creativity, financial forecasting and propensity for growth.

NETS-UK is essentially an MBA style course, normally run over two semesters, crammed into two weeks. As well as taking part in various entrepreneurship activities, the scholars will also meet with world renowned experts, who will share their knowledge and expertise on some of the different areas of entrepreneurship

The the course is taking place in October.

Further details on the how the course went will be reported.